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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

Should you wish more information on a licensee, click on their license number at the right. This will take you directly to their detailed profile page.

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License Status Changes: 06/24/2017 - 09/22/2017 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
John Mattinson Rushton, M.D.Expired09/22/2017 34737
Andrew Del Gaizo, M.D.Expired09/21/2017 43370
Ernest John Wright, M.D.Expired09/21/2017 49564
James Michael Sulkosky, M.D.Expired09/20/2017 19718
Prudencio Calica Avendanio, M.D.Expired09/20/2017 41070
Stephen Wayne Houmes, M.D.Expired09/20/2017 51919
Fatima Zahra Fidahusayn Muhammad Aly, M.D.Expired09/19/2017 46550
Mark Richard Stivers, M.D.Expired09/18/2017 32866
William Edmund Ingram, M.D.Expired09/18/2017Paradise Valley, AZ6652
Bruce Allan Miller, M.D.Expired09/18/2017 8399
Gordon Joseph Cuzner, M.D.Expired09/18/2017 17172
Muzakeer Ahmed Shaik, M.D.Expired09/17/2017 35244
Bhavna Sehgal, M.D.Expired09/16/2017 47743
John Kim, M.D.Expired09/15/2017 45046
Bryan Sang Yi, M.D.Expired09/15/2017 47209
Justin Thomas Conley, M.D.Expired09/15/2017 52770
Kleanthis George Dendrinos, M.D.Expired09/14/2017 53035
Lee Combrinck-Graham, M.D.Expired09/14/2017 29089
Daniel Martin Caruso, M.D.Deceased09/13/2017 23059
John Derek Lewis, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 44909
Alice Denise Calhoun, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 40634
Avi Ben-Ora, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 3581
George David Goldberg, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 9272
Michael Thomas Vandall, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 10443
Jeanne LaMont, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 22966
Thomas Randolph Mattison, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 44711
Tom L. Le, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 36217
Heinz Juergen Elsner, M.D.Expired09/11/2017Mesa, AZ10665
Jonathan Ostrowski, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 19380
Allan Leslie Kaminsky, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 21364
John Philip Stella, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 31771
Erica Celina Garza, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 49065
Mark Cameron Davis, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 34781
Erik M. De Jonghe, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 31026
Richard James Boxer, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 13634
Timothy Bock Icenogle, M.D.Expired09/09/2017 16192
Edward Christopher Wei-Kuang Fong, M.D.Expired09/09/2017 33120
Thomas Kevin Stempel, M.D.Inactive09/08/2017 29183
David Lee Grossman, M.D.Expired09/07/2017 24320
N. Burton Attico, M.D.Expired09/07/2017 5087
Cedric Bernard Simpson, M.D.Expired09/06/2017 21971
Oluwagbemiga Adeyanju Adeyemi, M.D.Expired09/06/2017 41906
Gregory John Balmforth, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 33723
Timothy Alan Lind, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 7123
Anthony Peter Catinella, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 40688
Jodi Lynn Bailey, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 37319
Nadeem Aslam, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 28379
David Mathew Loesch, M.D.Expired09/05/2017 41865
James Arden Knott, M.D.Expired09/05/2017 40322
Naoyuki Gregory Saito, M.D.Expired09/05/2017 43814
Philippe Yves Pierre Marie Reyns, M.D.Inactive09/05/2017 10690
Robert Wayne Patti, M.D.Expired09/04/2017Las Vegas, NV16649
John Rigby Patterson, M.D.Expired09/04/2017 13977
Robert Lloyd Fortune, M.D.Expired09/04/2017 13540
Carrie Frances Ash-Mott, M.D.Expired09/03/2017 43426
David Alan Deriemer, M.D.Expired09/02/2017 26161
Marshall A. Burns, M.D.Expired09/02/2017Scottsdale, AZ34343
Ashish Bhavesh Shah, M.D.Expired08/31/2017 40883
Carl Wayne Hardin, M.D.Expired08/31/2017 42679
Joseph Cal Liljenquist, M.D.Expired08/30/2017 50758
Alicia Marie Palmer, M.D.Expired08/29/2017 50310
Steven Edward Kammann, M.D.Expired08/28/2017 49070
Manh Van Pham, M.D.Expired08/28/2017 46693
Franklin Sedarat, M.D.Expired08/27/2017 48383
Horatio Cabasares, M.D.Expired08/27/2017 10910
Debora Mary Kim, M.D.Expired08/27/2017 22554
Ronald Allen Krueger, M.D.Expired08/26/2017 48127
Lizhu Gao, M.D.Expired08/26/2017 42403
John Raymond Condie, M.D.Expired08/26/2017 44762
Vickie Khoshsorour Rezai, M.D.Expired08/26/2017Chicago, IL31772
Kathleen Harris Katt, M.D.Expired08/25/2017 20514
Janame Jayudu Kottey, M.D.Expired08/25/2017 47750
Florinela Georgeta Oprescu, M.D.Expired08/24/2017 32780
Virender Singh Saini, M.D.Expired08/24/2017 49804
Jay Stuart Kaufman, M.D.Inactive08/24/2017 35185
Marshall Watson Jones, M.D.Surrendered08/24/2017Tucson, AZ4192
Melvin Gordon Lee, M.D.Expired08/22/2017 45947
Emily Anna Winett, M.D.Expired08/22/2017 34995
Mohamed W. Khirfan, M.D.Expired08/21/2017 34498
Dena Kay L' Heureux, M.D.Expired08/20/2017 36804
Anthony Eugene Aron, M.D.Expired08/19/2017 49937
Kristl Vidya Dorschner Tomlin, M.D.Expired08/19/2017 52205
Pranjal Sharma, M.D.Suspended E08/19/2017 51253
Christine Marie Swanson, M.D.Expired08/18/2017 43421
Belinda Sadie Uhall, M.D.Expired08/18/2017 17350
Thomas Henry Strong, M.D.Expired08/18/2017 18689
Douglas Gene Peter, M.D.Expired08/17/2017 11046
Val Max Warhaft, M.D.Expired08/17/2017 50413
Sergio Gustavo Thal, M.D.Expired08/17/2017 51315
Soheil Taghavi Zargar, M.D.Expired08/16/2017 42978
Maheswar M. Rao, M.D.Expired08/16/2017 19473
Justin A Frederick, M.D.Cancelled08/15/2017 43655
Howard Michael Grindlinger, M.D.Expired08/15/2017 41113
Ctibor Tomas Kaigl, M.D.Expired08/15/2017 7011
Myriam Aurelia Bertoldo Townsend, M.D.Expired08/15/2017Gilroy, CA25207
Sophia Aparna Sohoni Skinner, M.D.Expired08/15/2017 32668
Franklin Samuel Danziger, M.D.Expired08/14/2017Glendale, AZ9572
Evelyn Roswitha Driscoll, M.D.Expired08/14/2017 43981
Kimberly Marie Hornbeck, M.D.Expired08/14/2017 49351
Jurgen Rainer Gatjen, M.D.Expired08/13/2017GERMANY8111
Daniel Lawrence Braslau, M.D.Expired08/13/2017 45713
Shawn Dale Barrong, M.D.Expired08/13/2017Spokane, WA23832
Samuel George Wilson, M.D.Expired08/12/2017 45258
Theodore John Honebrink, M.D.Expired08/12/2017 46624
Margaret Mary Stemmler, M.D.Expired08/11/2017 23477
Parina Gupta Cho, M.D.Expired08/10/2017 28969
Mark John Austin, M.D.Expired08/10/2017 40717
Stephen Lloyd Green, M.D.Expired08/10/2017 41172
Michael Howard Gordon, M.D.Expired08/10/2017 14964
Keith Andrew Craig, M.D.Expired08/09/2017 48989
Jerry Wittmeier Bains, M.D.Expired08/09/2017 5639
Kathern Marie Lee Plenge, M.D.Expired08/08/2017 5237
Jigar Ranjitbhai Patel, M.D.Expired08/08/2017 48123
Banafsheh Rashidi, M.D.Expired08/08/2017 42802
Jason David Fodeman, M.D.Cancelled08/07/2017 47831
Michael David Smith, M.D.Expired08/07/2017 49808
Karim Emile Sirgi, M.D.Expired08/06/2017 43586
Robert Cyrus Norvich, M.D.Expired08/05/2017 49910
Maiysha Tania Clairborne, M.D.Expired08/05/2017 48891
Fred Everett Herzer, M.D.Expired08/04/2017 16964
Michael Scott Altman, M.D.Expired08/03/2017 6248
Kenneth Lee Pennington, M.D.Expired08/03/2017 31060
Jason Andrew Hoover, M.D.Expired08/03/2017 49885
James Theodore Friedland, M.D.Expired08/03/2017 17845
Jan John Liszka-Hackzell, M.D.Surrendered08/03/2017 27923
Brian Edward McCarthy, M.D.Emergency Suspension08/02/2017 40004
James Joseph Norconk, M.D.Expired08/02/2017 32556
Machaiah Muthanna Madhrira, M.D.Expired08/02/2017 41806
Christin Sarah Reisenauer, M.D.Expired08/02/2017 42831
Jonathan Richard Sorelle, M.D.Expired08/01/2017 41010
Paul Frederick Gregory, M.D.Expired07/29/2017 14113
Ryan Stewart Bode, M.D.Expired07/29/2017 34026
Stephanie Diane Henderson, M.D.Expired07/28/2017 50918
Michael Adam Chasin, M.D.Inactive07/28/2017 8082
Rebecca Lee Wilks, M.D.Inactive07/28/2017 20742
Arthur Lewis Soben, M.D.Inactive07/28/2017 34066
Dov Rotenberg, M.D.Inactive07/28/2017 12374
Eric Ralph Erlbaum, M.D.Inactive07/28/2017 8299
Tim Bradshaw Hunter, M.D.Inactive07/28/2017 8580
Charles Lawrence Loprinzi, M.D.Expired07/27/2017Rochester, MN17389
Robert Theodore Daehler, M.D.Expired07/27/2017 5196
John Joseph Hewett, M.D.Expired07/25/2017 40564
Samuel Anderson Leonard, M.D.Expired07/24/2017 41159
William Howard McSwain, M.D.Expired07/24/2017 50293
Bernard Jay Miller, M.D.Expired07/23/2017 7421
Gary Forest Simpson, M.D.Expired07/23/2017 15916
Tuan Anh Phan, M.D.Expired07/23/2017 49856
Randall Patrick Weyrich, M.D.Expired07/22/2017 42666
Diana Chua Go, M.D.Expired07/22/2017 48553
Ruben Coriano, M.D.Deceased07/21/2017 17677
Thomas Bajo, M.D.Deceased07/21/2017 14541
Desha Melissa Jordan, M.D.Expired07/21/2017 50517
John Leroy Hennessee, M.D.Inactive07/21/2017 8401
Charles Clifford Egley, M.D.Inactive07/21/2017 48039
Rajesh Tuli, M.D.Cancelled07/20/2017 27830
Catherine Lynne Watts, M.D.Cancelled07/20/2017 28701
Ann Burgess Lettes, M.D.Cancelled07/20/2017Tucson, AZ19448
Angelina Marissa Gonzalez-Truong, M.D.Expired07/20/2017 46847
David Barba, M.D.Expired07/20/2017 49095
Murray Hendrik Van Dyke, M.D.Inactive07/20/2017 16020
Richard Mark Blew, M.D.Inactive07/20/2017 11757
Rene Javier Sanchez, M.D.Inactive07/20/2017 12256
Vladimir Shvarts, M.D.Inactive07/20/2017 27806
Fernan Francis Lara, M.D.Inactive07/20/2017 36958
S Steve Jouibari Okhravi, M.D.Deceased07/19/2017 50111
Ryan Alan Beighton, M.D.Expired07/19/2017 50204
Jonathan Aurelio Silva, M.D.Expired07/19/2017 51054
Christie Cooper Frakes, M.D.Expired07/18/2017 35335
Andrew Albert Peterson, M.D.Expired07/17/2017 45246
Jordan Decker Holmes, M.D.Expired07/17/2017 50252
Patrick Joseph Browne, M.D.Expired07/17/2017 8502
Debra Lynn Wade, M.D.Expired07/17/2017 31271
Walter Alfred Forred, M.D.Expired07/16/2017 30640
Wolfgang Fritz Dahnert, M.D.Expired07/16/2017 19050
Brenda Ann Carroll, M.D.Expired07/16/2017 41749
Jessica Ann Borne, M.D.Expired07/14/2017Metairie, LA21351
Robert Stephen Hirsch, M.D.Deceased07/13/2017 3944
Ian Keith McLeod, M.D.Expired07/12/2017 52879
Adnan Fakhruddin Danish, M.D.Expired07/12/2017 47427
Anandhi Jeyabalan Gunder, M.D.Expired07/12/2017 47900
Robert Leonard Beshany, M.D.Expired07/12/2017 32472
Michael Edward Mollot, M.D.Expired07/12/2017 51458
Priya Sai Dhawan, M.D.Expired07/12/2017 49594
Sheldon Moe Hersh, M.D.Cancelled07/11/2017New Orleans, LA35304
Joshua Aaron Clark, M.D.Expired07/11/2017 37864
Michael Epner, M.D.Expired07/11/2017Scottsdale, AZ24722
Mihai Marius Wagner, M.D.Expired07/11/2017Tucson, AZ13991
Lesley Petrich, M.D.Expired07/11/2017 16891
Lindsey Eugene Crumlin, M.D.Expired07/10/2017 28781
Krisha Howell, M.D.Expired07/09/2017 45877
Vishnu Vinod Bezwada, M.D.Cancelled07/07/2017 38230
Thomas Owen McNamara, M.D.Cancelled07/07/2017 42460
Kenneth Roger Davis, M.D.Expired07/07/2017 13508
Steven Erwin Seltzer, M.D.Inactive07/07/2017Boston, MA31317
Miral Asit Patel, M.D.Deceased07/05/2017Surprise, AZ33396
Thomas John Spinuzza, M.D.Expired07/05/2017 43856
Preetham Nada Kumar, M.D.Expired07/04/2017 49390
Jane Charlotte Carlon, M.D.Expired07/04/2017Rochester, MN25373
Ethel Jennifer Weil, M.D.Expired07/04/2017 33660
Dale Warren Sponaugle, M.D.Cancelled07/03/2017 51136
Moushira Anwar Ebrahim, M.D.Cancelled07/03/2017 51710
Michael Browning Farnell, M.D.Cancelled07/03/2017Rochester, MN22141
Dustin Gregory Leigh, M.D.Expired07/03/2017 51396
John Alexander Pierce, M.D.Expired07/03/2017 7690
Brian Richard Younge, M.D.Inactive07/03/2017 17356
Adriana Selvaggio, M.D.Inactive07/03/2017 48150
Bill Dwayne Holloman, M.D.Suspended E07/02/2017 33572
Gerard Jacinto Alvares De Souza, M.D.Cancelled06/30/2017Harlingen, TX22588
Helen Mitchell, M.D.Inactive06/30/2017 32378
Ethan Malcolm Braunstein, M.D.Inactive06/30/2017 8989
Joan Alice Osder, M.D.Expired06/29/2017Beverly Hills, CA14092
Adrian Billote Medina, M.D.Expired06/29/2017 42582
Carlos Manuel Torres, M.D.Expired06/28/2017 35705
Walter C. Connor, M.D.Expired06/27/2017 26126
Luciano Fochesatto Filho, M.D.Expired06/27/2017 48309
Debra Annette Jamison, M.D.Deceased06/26/2017 16335
Morley Rosenfield, M.D.Expired06/26/2017 9836
Jeffrey Parker Morray, M.D.Expired06/25/2017 29646
Jeremy Lance Friese, M.D.Expired06/25/2017 48183
C Daniel Smith, M.D.Expired06/25/2017 46215
James Hung Chen, M.D.Expired06/25/2017 47503

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