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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 11/25/2017 - 02/23/2018 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Steven Sohn, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018 35964
William Eugene Schulte, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018 20344
Daniel Kunil Kim, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018Las Vegas, NV18541
Mark Edward Rogers, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018 29456
Kristina Anne Holmkvist, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018Fullerton, CA24814
Cristina Ann Smith-McLaughlin, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018 44408
Ronald Robert Straub, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018 8388
Hannah Graham Clark Rishel, M.D.Cancelled02/23/2018 17754
Jonathan Bisram Ramharack, M.D.Expired02/23/2018 45862
Scott Alvarus Parry, M.D.Expired02/23/2018 30759
Matthew Fen Covington, M.D.Expired02/22/2018 46740
Cristine Moroz De Azevedo, M.D.Expired02/22/2018 49411
Jeremy Adam Greenberg, M.D.Expired02/22/2018 50536
Jack Edward Meyer, M.D.Expired02/22/2018 33801
Oguchi Andrew O. Nwosu, M.D.Expired02/22/2018Roswell, GA36500
Alfred Elton Noyes, M.D.Inactive02/22/2018 22997
Eung Jun Cha, M.D.Expired02/21/2018 46968
Kenneth Alan Batko, M.D.Expired02/21/2018 11931
Janet Lynn Otto, M.D.Expired02/20/2018 46598
Paul Henry Miller, M.D.Expired02/20/2018Covina, CA6823
Zima Pakzad, M.D.Expired02/20/2018 53129
Lincoln K Pao, M.D.Expired02/20/2018 51795
William James Quinlan, M.D.Expired02/19/2018Tucson, AZ12268
Gregory Hugh Rose, M.D.Expired02/19/2018 49433
Amanda Louise Wilson, M.D.Expired02/19/2018 53427
Michael Ira Keller, M.D.Expired02/18/2018 32358
Atul Kumar Nanda, M.D.Expired02/18/2018 46797
Pravinchandra Jethabhai Patel, M.D.Expired02/17/2018 47139
Praveen Bere, M.D.Expired02/17/2018 50063
Tawfikul Alam, M.D.Expired02/15/2018 51027
Bernardino Lazaro Viana Castelo Branco Rocha, M.D.Expired02/15/2018 53066
William Thomas Evans, M.D.Expired02/15/2018 5805
Brian Christopher Hoff, M.D.Expired02/15/2018 37016
Orlando Cabrera, M.D.Expired02/14/2018Paradise Valley, AZ9011
Gary-Anthony Oraine Lawson-Boucher, M.D.Expired02/14/2018 48792
Luis Sio Tan, M.D.Surrendered02/14/2018Phoenix, AZ3848
Erlinda Segura McCrea, M.D.Expired02/13/2018 37078
John Earle Hensler, M.D.Suspended E02/13/2018 5346
Thomas David Boyer, M.D.Expired02/11/2018Tucson, AZ28487
Verghese Mathew, M.D.Expired02/10/2018 46665
Edson Conrad Hicks, M.D.Expired02/10/2018Phoenix, AZ29616
Teiriki Eric Yokoo, M.D.Expired02/10/2018Torrance, CA36205
Charles Chulhoon Yoo, M.D.Expired02/10/2018 41638
Stanley Joseph Jallo, M.D.Expired02/09/2018 4764
Kenneth Scott Wayne, M.D.Expired02/09/2018 7960
Brian Charles Judd, M.D.Expired02/09/2018 8952
Shalini Chahal, M.D.Expired02/09/2018 46825
Joshua Isaac Garza, M.D.Expired02/09/2018 54325
William Travis Love, M.D.Expired02/09/2018 50266
Thomas Homer Lyon, M.D.Inactive02/09/2018 31043
Franc William Brodar, M.D.Inactive with Cause02/09/2018 24079
Ryan Raymond Nahapetian, M.D.Expired02/08/2018 47742
Myra Lee Glassman, M.D.Expired02/08/2018 19297
Denis Joseph Frank, M.D.Inactive02/08/2018 23160
Walter Anker Christen Zuschke, M.D.Deceased02/07/2018 16196
Frederick James Grant, M.D.Expired02/07/2018 44580
Surendar Bhandari, M.D.Expired02/07/2018 51242
Ambuga Ramesh Badari, M.D.Expired02/06/2018 47159
Alan Newman Kaplan, M.D.Expired02/06/2018 23367
Anna Berkvam Corey, M.D.Expired02/06/2018 52160
Larissa Braga, M.D.Cancelled02/05/2018 47142
Donald Earl Manning, M.D.Cancelled02/05/2018 47951
Min Cheol Kim, M.D.Cancelled02/05/2018 36025
Lawrence Richard Huff, M.D.Cancelled02/05/2018 45479
James Robert Custer, M.D.Expired02/05/2018Mankato, MN6523
Joseph Frank Raynak, M.D.Inactive02/05/2018 13497
Lee Stern Cohn, M.D.Inactive02/05/2018 3521
Hari Chand Puri, M.D.Inactive02/05/2018 46931
Jessica Evelyn Byron, M.D.Inactive02/05/2018 14202
Stephanie Van Zandt, M.D.Expired02/04/2018 51194
Jeffrey Alan Grill, M.D.Expired02/04/2018 31092
Robert A. Yoho, M.D.Suspended E02/04/2018 30990
Dane Michael Chapman, M.D.Expired02/03/2018 30395
George Edward Gibbons, M.D.Expired02/03/2018 50205
Satyendra Kumar Jain, M.D.Deceased02/02/2018 16809
Deepti Ramakant Deshpande, M.D.Expired02/02/2018 43194
Ronald David Williams, M.D.Expired02/02/2018 31909
Peter Joseph Delenick, M.D.Surrendered02/01/2018 43968
Michael John Beck, M.D.Expired01/31/2018 20511
David Baghdassarian, M.D.Expired01/31/2018 46388
Pauline Karen Mills, M.D.Expired01/31/2018 47048
Jose David Ponce Rios, M.D.Expired01/31/2018 47543
Edward Man Tao Li, M.D.Expired01/31/2018 50924
Steven Samuel Eilenberg, M.D.Expired01/30/2018La Jolla, CA32257
Emma Cristina DiPonio, M.D.Expired01/29/2018 50922
Jeffrey Irwin Weisel, M.D.Expired01/29/2018Green Valley, AZ28553
Ronald James Smith, M.D.Expired01/29/2018 35871
Jason David Fraser, M.D.Expired01/29/2018 37372
Gary Lynn Wade, M.D.Expired01/29/2018 44038
Stella Uzoamaka Onuora, M.D.Expired01/29/2018 46158
Gurmit Sandhu, M.D.Expired01/29/2018 9611
Richard Warren Hawkins, M.D.Expired01/28/2018 12244
Anthony Vincent Scialla, M.D.Expired01/28/2018New Haven, CT7511
Richard Earl Kim, M.D.Expired01/27/2018 48303
Amir Goldenberg, M.D.Expired01/27/2018 34302
Randall Vance Olsen, M.D.Expired01/26/2018 33436
Gonzalo Martinez, M.D.Expired01/26/2018 13580
Mohamad Raafat Chaaban, M.D.Expired01/26/2018 50192
Eric Brent Harris, M.D.Expired01/26/2018 48362
Yvonne Demaris Robinson-Hawkins, M.D.Expired01/25/2018 30605
Layth Musa Mustafa Saleh, M.D.Expired01/25/2018 45154
Alyssa Young-Chi Kim, M.D.Cancelled01/24/2018Mesa, AZ31119
Lisa Elaine Thom, M.D.Expired01/24/2018 49538
Steven James Spalding, M.D.Expired01/24/2018 51233
Pushpa Gupta, M.D.Renewal Deficient01/23/2018 35218
Chad Mitchell Bidart, M.D.Cancelled01/22/2018 29722
Tracy Michele Lundberg, M.D.Cancelled01/22/2018 48620
Lezlee Jean Pasche, M.D.Cancelled01/22/2018 47986
Michael Leigh Goodman, M.D.Cancelled01/22/2018 48191
Patricia Roberts, M.D.Expired01/22/2018 31523
Ryan Patrick Buckner, M.D.Expired01/22/2018 49339
Kiat Yeong Chan, M.D.Expired01/22/2018 38235
Leonard Bernard Krich, M.D.Inactive01/22/2018Scottsdale, AZ15201
Devin Alaric Mikles, M.D.Inactive01/22/2018 20374
Reynolds James Saunders, M.D.Inactive01/22/2018 11383
Joseph Gerard Thoene, M.D.Inactive01/22/2018 21469
Andrea Louise Sakse, M.D.Inactive01/22/2018Hummelstown, PA18877
William Jens Kragness, M.D.Inactive01/22/2018 11654
Philip Mark Hess, M.D.Expired01/21/2018 30017
Majid S A Asawaeer, M.D.Expired01/21/2018 47576
Jordan Alexander Justice, M.D.Expired01/21/2018 52837
Sean Sawyer Wentworth, M.D.Expired01/21/2018 52705
Casey Laine Miles, M.D.Expired01/20/2018 42693
Charles Berman, M.D.Deceased01/19/2018Tucson, AZ14038
Seema Kansal, M.D.Expired01/19/2018 49127
David Allen Hobley, M.D.Expired01/19/2018 45618
Edward Marcus Wineck, M.D.Expired01/19/2018Green Bay, WI36635
Peter Meong Hoon Rhee, M.D.Expired01/19/2018 37518
Jeffrey Scott Felter, M.D.Expired01/18/2018 19572
Ray Orvile Hatch, M.D.Deceased01/17/2018 15921
Gordana Radic Stevanovic, M.D.Expired01/17/2018 46871
Bryson Gibbs Richards, M.D.Expired01/17/2018 49178
Peter Richard Hulick, M.D.Expired01/16/2018 46981
Min H Kim, M.D.Expired01/16/2018 48001
Asif Ikram Ahmad, M.D.Expired01/16/2018 37566
Rebecca Lyn Legg, M.D.Expired01/16/2018 31093
Bahram Mokri, M.D.Expired01/16/2018 35926
Heidi M. Walter, M.D.Expired01/16/2018Las Vegas, NV28156
Sarang Srivathsan Koushik, M.D.Expired01/15/2018 49517
Henry Stacy Nicholson, M.D.Expired01/15/2018 50180
Jackson Streeter, M.D.Expired01/14/2018 20619
Michael Wade Shrader, M.D.Expired01/14/2018 33909
Ratheany Sakbun, M.D.Expired01/14/2018 42635
William Bready Kenney, M.D.Expired01/14/2018 7968
Maria Margarita De La Garza-Grahm, M.D.Expired01/13/2018Tyler, TX19088
Aristotle Sun, M.D.Expired01/12/2018 51381
David Mark Rummel, M.D.Expired01/12/2018 27748
Tait Davis Shanafelt, M.D.Expired01/12/2018 48613
Patricia Jean Meredith, M.D.Expired01/12/2018 49192
Saurabh Sharma, M.D.Expired01/12/2018 52189
Piyush Tiwari, M.D.Expired01/11/2018 34321
Walter Edmond George, M.D.Expired01/11/2018Cave Creek, AZ5942
Qudsia Waheed Shaikh, M.D.Expired01/11/2018 51267
Leonard Alan Jasinski, M.D.Expired01/10/2018 15505
William Harold Clewell, M.D.Expired01/10/2018 17225
Douglas Don Hobbs, M.D.Expired01/09/2018 27198
Adrian Marie Miller, M.D.Expired01/09/2018 50406
Jonathan Neil Glickman, M.D.Expired01/09/2018 44492
David Stowe Smith, M.D.Expired01/08/2018 46870
Ali Raza Khan, M.D.Expired01/07/2018 45692
Ameet Kaur Grewal, M.D.Expired01/07/2018 52932
Jessica Lauren Stahl, M.D.Expired01/07/2018 50701
Romeo Figueroa Esquivel, M.D.Expired01/06/2018 29123
Dane Eliot Miller, M.D.Expired01/06/2018 50260
Laura Elena Arce Gomez, M.D.Expired01/05/2018 42233
Robert David Cushing, M.D.Expired01/05/2018 48151
Jeff Crawford, M.D.Emergency Suspension01/04/2018 18695
Kathleen Kerry Fournier, M.D.Expired01/04/2018 44331
Asad Ghafoor, M.D.Expired01/04/2018 44628
Pedro Jose Martinez, M.D.Expired01/04/2018 23489
Heather Louise Ouellette, M.D.Expired01/04/2018 51285
Mark Winfred Coburn, M.D.Expired01/04/2018 51272
Ruth Elizabeth Kerr Jakoby, M.D.Expired01/03/2018 8213
George Allen Segal, M.D.Expired01/02/2018Miami, FL17636
William Patrick Coghlan, M.D.Expired01/02/2018 37819
Mousumi Kundu, M.D.Expired01/02/2018 48910
Sandra Alheli Garza, M.D.Expired01/01/2018 51717
Anish Thomas Peter, M.D.Expired01/01/2018 50855
John Leigh Ey, M.D.Expired01/01/2018 9900
William Joaquin Adamas-Rappaport, M.D.Expired01/01/2018 15658
Devon De Long, M.D.Expired01/01/2018 22503
Whitney Brant Edmister, M.D.Expired12/31/2017 41454
Muhammad Raghib Iqbal, M.D.Expired12/31/2017 44444
Gerald Sanford Roberts, M.D.Expired12/31/2017San Francisco, CA6716
Timothy David Sturgill, M.D.Expired12/31/2017 46974
Brenda Peyton Hines, M.D.Expired12/30/2017 49758
Richard Wayne Harris, M.D.Expired12/30/2017 44586
Gregory Alan Bosh, M.D.Expired12/30/2017 51197
Prakash Shantilal Shah, M.D.Expired12/29/2017 36825
Uday Bhaskar Kanakadandi, M.D.Expired12/29/2017 40779
Robert Verlin Stephens, M.D.Inactive12/29/2017 7356
Diana Helen Hydzik, M.D.Suspended E12/29/2017 29302
Andrea Louise Snow, M.D.Expired12/28/2017 42910
Jason Michael Chesley, M.D.Expired12/28/2017 44349
Theodore Louis Roumell, M.D.Expired12/28/2017 28481
Sharon Wei Hung, M.D.Expired12/28/2017 49598
Jordan Eugene Winston, M.D.Expired12/28/2017 51340
Michael Eric Stone, M.D.Expired12/28/2017 51875
Keith H. Baratz, M.D.Expired12/27/2017Rochester, MN22098
Lokesh Shantanu Tantuwaya, M.D.Suspended E12/27/2017 46000
Francis Ernest Hamon, M.D.Expired12/26/2017Phoenix, AZ33417
Gregory Ricardo Vlacich, M.D.Expired12/26/2017 51342
Bonnie Lesley Zell, M.D.Expired12/26/2017 51343
Robert Gorham McAtee, M.D.Expired12/25/2017 51213
William Allen Carroll, M.D.Expired12/25/2017 31189
Robert Paul Cory, M.D.Expired12/24/2017Laguna Niguel, CA34376
Jerold J. Mangas, M.D.Expired12/24/2017Mesa, AZ11635
Andrew Robert Keyser, M.D.Expired12/24/2017 52884
Colin Andrew Mooney, M.D.Expired12/23/2017 49039
Mara Okshteyn, M.D.Expired12/23/2017 34041
Omokhaye Mogokeola Higo, M.D.Expired12/22/2017 48207
Lauren Huxel Stuart, M.D.Expired12/21/2017 32637
David Arthur Myers, M.D.Expired12/21/2017 51427
Sean David Paulsen, M.D.Expired12/20/2017Roosevelt, UT34958
James Michael Evers, M.D.Expired12/20/2017 7655
Elena V. Plummer, M.D.Inactive with Cause12/20/2017Phoenix, AZ28734
Ann Gabrielle Bergman, M.D.Expired12/19/2017 32663
Milon Amin, M.D.Deceased12/18/2017 47251
Roman Ulises Criollo, M.D.Expired12/18/2017Phoenix, AZ38184
Thresiamma Jacob, M.D.Expired12/18/2017 31447
Ina Rose Oppliger, M.D.Expired12/18/2017 53771
Shaheen Emmanuel Lakhan, M.D.Expired12/18/2017 51137
Donald Mark Gleason, M.D.Expired12/17/2017 4301
J. David Burgess, M.D.Expired12/17/2017 18983
Murray Samuel Flaster, M.D.Expired12/17/2017 21544
Sudershan Jaswant Singh, M.D.Expired12/17/2017 45223
Kenneth Warren Volker, M.D.Expired12/17/2017 40936
Jason Wyeth Koob, M.D.Expired12/17/2017 52116
Ebben Will Smith, M.D.Expired12/16/2017 53373
Marvin Keith Harris, M.D.Expired12/15/2017 52249
Jarem Barry Lloyd, M.D.Expired12/14/2017 49239
Amy Rosenfeld, M.D.Expired12/14/2017 40409
Robert George Lucking, M.D.Expired12/14/2017 13319
Lidia Elizabeth Everett, M.D.Expired12/13/2017 27580
Daniel Charles Mac Dougall, M.D.Expired12/13/2017Mesa, AZ7047
John Antoine Habra, M.D.Expired12/13/2017 9123
Prakash Goutham Beleyur Suryanarayana, M.D.Expired12/13/2017 45536
Eugene Duke, M.D.Expired12/12/2017 45579
Stephen William Doggett, M.D.Expired12/11/2017 47460
Thomas Eugene Vorpahl, M.D.Expired12/11/2017 10588
Fysal Albaalbaki, M.D.Expired12/11/2017 40099
Duane Eugene Vanderslice, M.D.Expired12/11/2017 42100
Whitney Joan Kiebel, M.D.Expired12/10/2017 49748
Stuart Thomas May, M.D.Expired12/10/2017 36622
Daren Harold Hersh, M.D.Expired12/10/2017 22001
Shelley Nan Weiner, M.D.Expired12/10/2017 34509
Thomas Ernest Jacobson, M.D.Expired12/09/2017 22278
Antonio Roxas Dimaano, M.D.Expired12/09/2017 13530
Edward Tsien Chu, M.D.Expired12/09/2017Phoenix, AZ14889
Alan John Tanner, M.D.Expired12/09/2017 40339
Ashok Kumar Nagella, M.D.Expired12/08/2017 37535
Wenxin Zheng, M.D.Expired12/08/2017Tucson, AZ34676
Andrew Chi-Heng Lau, M.D.Expired12/08/2017 52886
David Andrew Johnson, M.D.Expired12/07/2017Phoenix, AZ15321
Hala Saleem, M.D.Expired12/07/2017 46793
Thomas Wayne Champion, M.D.Expired12/07/2017 50384
Rupinder Deep Singh Deo, M.D.Expired12/07/2017 42569
Harinder Singh Ghuman, M.D.Inactive12/07/2017 30993
Gregory Lee Ellison, M.D.Surrendered12/07/2017Tempe, AZ12426
Phillip Lee Saunders, M.D.Surrendered12/07/2017Huntsville, AL27714
Carmen S. Hansen, M.D.Expired12/06/2017 32499
Chyansong Jeffrey Tzan, M.D.Expired12/06/2017 38142
Gordon Allen Ewy, M.D.Expired12/06/2017 5317
Andrew Daniel Kanalec, M.D.Expired12/05/2017 25984
Robert John Reilly, M.D.Expired12/05/2017 4590
Curtis Alan Dickman, M.D.Expired12/05/2017 20814
Underscore Test, M.D.Expired12/05/2017 
Kirit Narottam Patel, M.D.Expired12/04/2017Midland, TX33754
Kirk Allen Butler, M.D.Expired12/03/2017 18889
Daniel Goldsmith, M.D.Expired12/03/2017 21920
Alan Craig Schold, M.D.Suspended E12/03/2017 29169
Ashley Hannah Anderson, M.D.Expired12/01/2017 50971
Yamini Subbiah, M.D.Expired12/01/2017 46889
Bertha Bin San Lin, M.D.Expired12/01/2017 26000
Martin Benjamin Flamm, M.D.Expired12/01/2017 37075
Barry Green, M.D.Expired12/01/2017 11448
Arash Meshksar, M.D.Expired12/01/2017 52073
David Leroy Watson, M.D.Expired11/30/2017 51572
Geoffrey Morgan Murrish, M.D.Expired11/30/2017Los Gatos, CA33781
Charles Joseph Mantey, M.D.Expired11/30/2017 40898
Larry Alan Warmoth, M.D.Expired11/30/2017 22321
Balamurali Krishna Ambati, M.D.Expired11/30/2017 52360
Majed Chane, M.D.Expired11/29/2017Huntington Beach, CA35886
David Franklin Garrell, M.D.Expired11/29/2017 44377
Karla Varela Rivera, M.D.Expired11/29/2017 46290
Hayley Kate Charity Baines, M.D.Expired11/28/2017 50332
Colleen Annette Morris, M.D.Expired11/28/2017 13937
Karl Adolf Lothar Gathof, M.D.Expired11/28/2017 13954
Ravi Kiran Lakkaraju, M.D.Expired11/27/2017 46953
Jorge Enrique Mendizabal, M.D.Expired11/27/2017 51430
Frank Elmer Lane, M.D.Suspended E11/27/2017 45915
Sreenivasa Rao Pinnamaneni, M.D.Expired11/26/2017 21196
Hai Sun, M.D.Expired11/26/2017 48833
Larry Phillip Stevens, M.D.Inactive11/25/2017 22175

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