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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 03/19/2018 - 06/17/2018 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Shawn Lee Searle, M.D.Expired06/17/2018 25539
Anthony Christopher Mistry, M.D.Expired06/17/2018 42070
Gitika Aggarwal, M.D.Expired06/17/2018 48153
Michelle Elizabeth Naylor, M.D.Expired06/17/2018 49921
Christopher John Morgan, M.D.Expired06/16/2018 48422
Jordy Charles Cox, M.D.Expired06/16/2018 35325
William Wesley Barney, M.D.Expired06/16/2018 43711
Thomas Eugene Conley, M.D.Expired06/16/2018 44152
Imran Javed Iqbal, M.D.Expired06/16/2018 48117
Makram Mohammad Obeid, M.D.Expired06/15/2018 48300
Manuel Jerios Alafriz, M.D.Expired06/15/2018 9420
Kenneth Allen Schachter, M.D.Expired06/15/2018 15259
Robert James Penny, M.D.Expired06/15/2018Phoenix, AZ32236
Santrise Byrd McMillan, M.D.Expired06/15/2018 49915
Katya Maria Sanchez, M.D.Expired06/14/2018 49960
Jess Randall, M.D.Expired06/14/2018 50472
Harry Robert Albers, M.D.Expired06/14/2018 44291
Elizabeth Anne Sutherland, M.D.Surrendered06/14/2018 28165
Joseph Biddle Priestley, M.D.Expired06/13/2018 6861
Richard Michael Blecha, M.D.Expired06/13/2018 24958
Maria Antonia Verso, M.D.Deceased06/12/2018 8725
Mark Frederick Deatherage, M.D.Expired06/12/2018 34457
Jacob Joseph Musallam, M.D.Expired06/12/2018 9205
Prakash Valiveti, M.D.Expired06/10/2018 45768
Waldo Nelson Henriquez Barraza, M.D.Expired06/10/2018 49266
Carl Chamberlin Reading, M.D.Expired06/09/2018 19788
George Guiho Min, M.D.Expired06/08/2018 48359
Shelly Picard Baumann, M.D.Cancelled06/07/2018 33684
Thomas Dee Stuart, M.D.Cancelled06/07/2018 25127
Charlotte Anne Heidenreich, M.D.Cancelled06/07/2018 49786
Clarence Wendell Clark, M.D.Deceased06/07/2018 19608
Karl Frank Wagenhauser, M.D.Expired06/07/2018 48179
Kundan Kumar B. Giri, M.D.Expired06/07/2018Melrose Park, IL26129
Min Ying Lim, M.D.Suspended E06/07/2018 40179
Edeck Saintilien Pierre, M.D.Expired06/06/2018 40420
Sam Sang Woo Ahn, M.D.Expired06/06/2018 42933
Srinadh Oddiraju Rao, M.D.Expired06/05/2018 53515
Jay Daniel Parkinson, M.D.Expired06/05/2018 50051
Michael David Linden, M.D.Expired06/05/2018 49781
Jagadeesh Seesandra Venkatappa Kumar, M.D.Cancelled06/04/2018 33011
Bindi Upendra Shukla, M.D.Expired06/04/2018 48098
Suzanne Sims Woo, M.D.Expired06/04/2018 43929
Scott Ryan Hall, M.D.Renewal Deficient06/04/2018 54883
Norman Stewart Turner, M.D.Expired06/03/2018Rochester, MN27165
William Homer Reed, M.D.Expired06/03/2018 32259
Alaric Casimir Le Baron, M.D.Expired06/03/2018 33999
Malcolm M Dejnozka, M.D.Expired06/02/2018 45043
Khalid Monzer, M.D.Expired06/02/2018 49815
Sonal Subodh Desai, M.D.Suspended E06/02/2018 49172
Jonathan Breslau, M.D.Expired06/01/2018 43947
Timothy Kumar Puri, M.D.Expired06/01/2018 45907
Thomas M. Iannucci, M.D.Expired05/31/2018 6322
David Norman Chalmers Agnew, M.D.Expired05/31/2018 7961
Allen Mitchell Kaplan, M.D.Expired05/31/2018 8737
Bernard Berkowitz, M.D.Expired05/29/2018 44021
Sonja Christine Matthias, M.D.Expired05/29/2018 45513
Piyush Aggarwal, M.D.Expired05/29/2018 50390
Mark David Piehler, M.D.Inactive05/29/2018 18600
Robert Wayne Croddy, M.D.Inactive05/29/2018Phoenix, AZ4403
Manuel Aguirre Casanova, M.D.Inactive05/29/2018 31253
Lynne Dumin Kitei, M.D.Inactive05/29/2018 10576
William J Brown, M.D.Inactive05/29/2018 44180
James Edward Maciulla, M.D.Expired05/27/2018 18726
Donald Terry Kendrick, M.D.Expired05/27/2018 37105
Kimberly Ann King, M.D.Expired05/26/2018 40165
Issa G Alesh, M.D.Expired05/26/2018 48437
Ravi Koopot, M.D.Expired05/25/2018 15188
Norman Jay Cohen, M.D.Expired05/25/2018 47382
Brian Sebastian Wojeck, M.D.Expired05/25/2018 49706
Aisha Sethi, M.D.Expired05/25/2018 52245
Kathryn Elise Coan, M.D.Renewal Deficient05/25/2018 43314
Dwight David Collman, M.D.Expired05/24/2018 49611
Jacob Cherutharayil Abraham, M.D.Expired05/24/2018 35131
Stephen David Kaster, M.D.Expired05/24/2018Scottsdale, AZ4511
Jeanne Marie Wolfe, M.D.Expired05/24/2018 12416
George Hemmeter, M.D.Expired05/23/2018 25216
Debby Jo Blank, M.D.Expired05/23/2018 42490
Vanessa Durante Rodriguez, M.D.Expired05/22/2018 43239
Vito Richard Del Deo, M.D.Inactive05/22/2018 7634
Robert Haig Ellis, M.D.Inactive05/22/2018Fort Collins, CO4078
Sharon Lee Sigala, M.D.Inactive05/22/2018 22356
Clyde Wilson Wesbrook, M.D.Inactive05/22/2018 41941
John Arthur Dover, M.D.Inactive05/22/2018 19026
Philip Gerard Poirier, M.D.Inactive05/22/2018 14031
Gregory James Porter, M.D.Revoked05/22/2018 14879
Robert Arthur Braun, M.D.Expired05/21/2018 14855
Mohamed Yaser Zeater, M.D.Expired05/21/2018 32311
Ronald Andari Sawaya, M.D.Expired05/21/2018 53585
Logan Milad Haak, M.D.Expired05/21/2018 49767
Yevgeniy Aanatoliy Khavkin, M.D.Expired05/21/2018 44750
Lawrence Goldberg, M.D.Expired05/21/2018 49410
Shiveindra Barry Jeyamohan, M.D.Expired05/20/2018 49526
Thomas Earl Rodcay, M.D.Expired05/19/2018Sierra Vista, AZ10026
Khalid Syed Hasan, M.D.Expired05/19/2018 21171
Rohit Aswani, M.D.Expired05/19/2018 54404
Kimberly Anne Valenta, M.D.Expired05/18/2018 43601
Lynne Carroll Napatalung, M.D.Expired05/18/2018 47523
Andrew Robert Williams, M.D.Expired05/18/2018 53167
Kevin Orr Leslie, M.D.Expired05/17/2018Scottsdale, AZ23690
George Theodore Thott, M.D.Expired05/17/2018 48929
Lawrence Marx Haas, M.D.Expired05/17/2018 6162
Martin Michael Grossman, M.D.Expired05/17/2018 12579
Gerald Marshall, M.D.Inactive05/17/2018 5120
Michael Mc Clure Garrett, M.D.Inactive05/17/2018Phoenix, AZ11262
Daniel Robert Peters, M.D.Deceased05/16/2018 45139
Adolfo Pablo Morales, M.D.Expired05/16/2018 18876
Alan Jeffrey Fischel, M.D.Expired05/16/2018 22077
William Frederick Rees, M.D.Inactive with Cause05/15/2018 53589
Norman Minner Rich, M.D.Expired05/14/2018 4391
Douglas Charles Smith, M.D.Expired05/14/2018 21639
Therese J Bocklage, M.D.Expired05/14/2018 47219
Ok Kyung Kim, M.D.Expired05/14/2018 48630
Dove Thierry Bramy, M.D.Expired05/13/2018 50957
William Frederick Dunn, M.D.Expired05/13/2018Rochester, MN20218
Thomas James Drouhard, M.D.Expired05/13/2018 17502
Guy Hideo Takahashi, M.D.Expired05/12/2018 38212
Meghan Beth Spyres, M.D.Expired05/12/2018 48874
David A Peterson, M.D.Deceased05/10/2018 41293
Jack Greener, M.D.Deceased05/10/2018 43080
Daniel Adam Bailes, M.D.Expired05/10/2018 41916
Craig William Dean, M.D.Expired05/10/2018 45436
Nishant Anand, M.D.Expired05/09/2018 36405
Omar Nabeel Nadhem, M.D.Expired05/09/2018 54296
Xavier Martinez, M.D.Inactive with Cause05/09/2018Tucson, AZ18944
Scott Anthony Cherne, M.D.Renewal Deficient05/09/2018 35204
Khaled Adam Anees, M.D.Expired05/08/2018 49116
Jeremy David Joslin, M.D.Expired05/07/2018 48302
Loren Mason Cobb, M.D.Expired05/07/2018 41061
Michael Joseph Nanaszko, M.D.Suspended E05/07/2018 52747
Alexander Eli Ropper, M.D.Expired05/06/2018 48809
Kit Shan Lee, M.D.Expired05/05/2018 50734
Roy Ian Davis, M.D.Expired05/04/2018 10461
David Lee Booker, M.D.Expired05/04/2018 42876
Roger Bernard Seymann, M.D.Cancelled05/03/2018 6571
Danny Martin Kass, M.D.Cancelled05/03/2018 47362
William David Keyes, M.D.Cancelled05/03/2018 36237
Jayshree Sameer Savla, M.D.Cancelled05/03/2018 53133
Christopher Lee Chong, M.D.Cancelled05/03/2018 44055
Randall Tiffany Kelly, M.D.Cancelled05/03/2018 11378
Edna Kathleen Porter, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2018 52012
Larry Duane Eggert, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2018 36187
Jade Homsi, M.D.Expired05/02/2018 45386
Yoosif Mohamed Ali Abdalla, M.D.Expired05/02/2018 48936
Mohammad Khalid Sadiq Al Souqi, M.D.Expired05/02/2018 42494
Augustine O Bosah, M.D.Expired05/02/2018 42980
Dennis Mac Martin Robertson, M.D.Expired05/02/2018Rochester, MN17393
Ali Chinichian, M.D.Deceased05/01/2018Scottsdale, AZ10055
John Harvey Serocki, M.D.Deceased05/01/2018Yuma, AZ22158
Nicole Devon Johnson, M.D.Expired05/01/2018 45635
Kendra Joanne Grim, M.D.Expired05/01/2018 49451
Lori Ann Stolz, M.D.Expired05/01/2018 44998
Mark Klinger Borsody, M.D.Expired05/01/2018 52518
Jacob Richard Wouden, M.D.Expired04/30/2018 41278
Michael Lester Gross, M.D.Expired04/30/2018 17369
Yu Helen Zhang, M.D.Inactive04/30/2018 49469
Hiram Burnard Morgan, M.D.Expired04/29/2018 12401
Paul Lee Chesis, M.D.Expired04/29/2018 48662
Arnold Jeffry Arem, M.D.Expired04/29/2018 7286
Candice Jinhee Kim, M.D.Expired04/29/2018 50898
Spencer Michael Lee, M.D.Expired04/28/2018 47768
Brett Dee Goettsch, M.D.Suspended E04/27/2018 24235
Howard Kessler, M.D.Expired04/26/2018Union, NJ6542
Kourosh Nourisamie, M.D.Expired04/26/2018 37169
Judy Lynn Marvin, M.D.Expired04/26/2018 49083
Yevgeniya Jane Mikhaylovna Ioffe, M.D.Expired04/26/2018 51605
Chandana Keshavamurthy, M.D.Expired04/25/2018 48497
Christine Marie Reynoso, M.D.Expired04/25/2018 51317
Emily Newman Schwartz, M.D.Expired04/25/2018 53027
Manuel Ma. Guerrero, M.D.Expired04/25/2018 8123
Jeffrey Michael Dorf, M.D.Expired04/25/2018Albuquerque, NM27329
Pocholo Jose Ignacio Selpides, M.D.Expired04/25/2018 53055
Kyle Ian Swanson, M.D.Expired04/25/2018 51550
William Galbraith Chaffee, M.D.Deceased04/24/2018 7091
Albert Jon Scheller, M.D.Deceased04/24/2018 8449
Chris Mattheou, M.D.Deceased04/24/2018 29483
Thomas Lee Wachtel, M.D.Deceased04/24/2018 14715
Mary Bouras, M.D.Expired04/22/2018 47298
Joseph Aristide Gassen , M.D.Expired04/22/2018 47682
Mithun Jagdish Patel, M.D.Expired04/20/2018 43207
Holly Tyler-Paris Pilson, M.D.Expired04/20/2018 47899
Yun Zhong, M.D.Expired04/19/2018 45703
Kudzai Rebecca Dombo, M.D.Expired04/19/2018 46122
Ashkon Senaati, M.D.Expired04/18/2018 46613
James Alfred Aurand, M.D.Expired04/18/2018 54803
Deepan Mathur, M.D.Expired04/18/2018 51190
Nour Alhoda Parsa, M.D.Expired04/17/2018 53023
Daniel Terrence Keefe, M.D.Expired04/17/2018 45741
Megdad Mahmoud Zaatreh, M.D.Expired04/17/2018 43790
Mhd A Alsawaf, M.D.Expired04/16/2018 47631
Thomas Randy Hansen, M.D.Surrendered04/16/2018 18493
Daniel Richard Gralnek, M.D.Expired04/15/2018 25097
Alba Belloni Sanmarco, M.D.Expired04/15/2018 28072
John Robert Matheson, M.D.Expired04/14/2018Richland, WA29417
Ronald David Taylor, M.D.Expired04/14/2018 37247
Samir Korkis Jamil, M.D.Expired04/14/2018Royal Oak, MI24817
Yi Zhuang, M.D.Expired04/14/2018 54593
Dustin Edward Monroe, M.D.Expired04/13/2018 47602
Steven Emmet Ciabattoni, M.D.Expired04/13/2018 34981
Joseph Patrick Kennelly, M.D.Expired04/13/2018 7076
Joan Victoria Stratton, M.D.Expired04/12/2018 24302
Amanda Phylis Isbell, M.D.Expired04/12/2018 44804
Gajapathiraju Chamarthi, M.D.Expired04/12/2018 46112
Aziz Olla Mahoubi, M.D.Expired04/11/2018Scottsdale, AZ32582
Anna Levin, M.D.Expired04/11/2018 46294
Ronald Joseph Boucher, M.D.Expired04/11/2018 46020
Le Pham Thai, M.D.Expired04/11/2018Phoenix, AZ15537
Barbara Ellen Carr, M.D.Expired04/11/2018 40254
Manage D S Nissanka, M.D.Expired04/11/2018 51371
Gabriel Harrison Krenitsky, M.D.Expired04/09/2018 33864
Richard Meredith Champion, M.D.Expired04/09/2018 44086
Gary Earl Morris, M.D.Expired04/08/2018 50580
Jason Keith Singer, M.D.Expired04/08/2018 31986
Sivakolunthunathan Pathmanathan, M.D.Expired04/07/2018 15604
Stephen Ira Pleatman, M.D.Expired04/07/2018 26027
Ralph Frederick Cox, M.D.Cancelled04/06/2018 52519
Jonathan Benjamin Pasternack, M.D.Expired04/06/2018 32184
Michael Tymianski, M.D.Expired04/06/2018Toronto, ON23752
Laurie Kristine Brown, M.D.Expired04/05/2018 20015
Carrie Jean Burns, M.D.Expired04/05/2018 29671
Tania Albelda Rodgers, M.D.Expired04/03/2018 31762
John Michael Powers, M.D.Expired04/03/2018 19340
Mohammad Asem Bakkar, M.D.Expired04/02/2018 51085
John David Husted, M.D.Expired04/02/2018 34074
Shubha Kollampare, M.D.Expired04/02/2018 51142
Jacob Richard Adams, M.D.Expired03/31/2018 51865
Shanshan Bao, M.D.Expired03/31/2018 51525
Jae Won Chung, M.D.Cancelled03/30/2018 35085
Peggy Hassell Jewell, M.D.Cancelled03/30/2018 31544
Robert Walter Hartmann, M.D.Deceased03/30/2018 48631
Flor Sostene Guerengomba, M.D.Expired03/30/2018 53741
William Werner Orrison, M.D.Deceased03/29/2018 33573
John Merritt Records, M.D.Deceased03/29/2018 28755
Deborah Ann Brogan, M.D.Deceased03/29/2018Mesa, AZ17811
Cheryl D. White, M.D.Deceased03/29/2018 28239
Vinay Kumar Saini, M.D.Expired03/29/2018 49718
Christopher Ray England, M.D.Expired03/28/2018 49343
Shannon Marie Peters, M.D.Expired03/28/2018 49222
Harinder Kumar Takyar, M.D.Surrendered03/28/2018 34308
Sheldon Hoon-Kwong Kop, M.D.Expired03/27/2018 42428
Imran Ahmed, M.D.Expired03/27/2018 28646
Clifford Christian Ellingson, M.D.Expired03/26/2018 49891
Jeffrey Joseph Rocco, M.D.Expired03/26/2018 46515
Sandeep Madan, M.D.Expired03/26/2018 48708
Garey Lee McLellan, M.D.Expired03/25/2018Las Vegas, NV26006
Taisheng Lee, M.D.Expired03/25/2018 32506
Nirav Bipin Das, M.D.Expired03/25/2018 53971
Hyo-Jong Park, M.D.Expired03/24/2018 18728
Navneet Narotum Sharda, M.D.Expired03/24/2018Las Vegas, NV27157
Jon Howard Whisler, M.D.Expired03/24/2018 8042
Parneeta Haresh Bhatia, M.D.Expired03/24/2018 40450
Allan Barnett Zelinger, M.D.Expired03/23/2018 42304
Navdeep Singh Gill, M.D.Expired03/23/2018 36332
Veena Raizada, M.D.Expired03/23/2018Albuquerque, NM9740
Molly Beth Lindquist Disbrow, M.D.Expired03/22/2018 47535
Anthony Robert Cappa, M.D.Expired03/22/2018 49964
Amy Lyn Sanderson, M.D.Expired03/21/2018 52302
Kirit Prabhudas Gosalia, M.D.Expired03/21/2018 11963
Robert Wayne Martin, M.D.Expired03/21/2018 20666
Michael Robert Page, M.D.Expired03/21/2018Holland, MI33333
Britta Meghan Gooding, M.D.Expired03/21/2018 33639
Richard Nicolas Brown, M.D.Expired03/20/2018Dallas, TX37702
Marian Porubsky, M.D.Expired03/20/2018 45573
Hitendra Patel, M.D.Expired03/19/2018 46289
Summer Dawn Stears-Ellis, M.D.Expired03/19/2018 41591
Florence Mae Gin, M.D.Expired03/19/2018 36507
Kenneth Mark Alo, M.D.Expired03/19/2018 47915
Laila Issam Taher Abu Zaid, M.D.Expired03/19/2018 50949
Nicholas Phillip Leon Dembitsky, M.D.Expired03/19/2018 51026

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