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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 08/26/2017 - 11/24/2017 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Fred Barnett Lipovitch, M.D.Expired11/24/2017 5672
Marsha Ann Mason, M.D.Expired11/23/2017 11953
Richard Laurence Elliott, M.D.Expired11/23/2017 37881
Joshua David Nelson, M.D.Expired11/23/2017 44310
Justin Joseph Sirianni, M.D.Expired11/23/2017 50541
Prabodh Deokaranji Rathi, M.D.Expired11/22/2017 41376
Ting-Hui Hsieh, M.D.Expired11/22/2017 41518
Budi Wiryawan, M.D.Expired11/22/2017 37457
Syed Safiuddin Hashmi, M.D.Expired11/21/2017 51888
Roshni Harshad Shah, M.D.Expired11/20/2017 43722
Natalie Sue Shwaish, M.D.Expired11/20/2017 51489
Bing Huan Feng, M.D.Expired11/19/2017 42977
Firas Hazim Gorges, M.D.Expired11/19/2017 48344
Florence Cappleman, M.D.Expired11/18/2017 48698
Mary Foster Erickson, M.D.Expired11/18/2017 37280
Erin Comer Burns, M.D.Expired11/18/2017 50732
Anthonia Manje Hananiya, M.D.Expired11/17/2017 50852
Susan Michelle Baquero Young, M.D.Expired11/17/2017 48504
Roy Han-Hui Loo, M.D.Expired11/16/2017Las Vegas, NV30344
Shirley Ohn, M.D.Expired11/16/2017 13862
Kent Walter Cox, M.D.Expired11/15/2017 24584
Abubakr Asghar Chaudhry, M.D.Expired11/15/2017 53292
Ranjan Bista, M.D.Expired11/15/2017 46143
Mayar Al Mohajer, M.D.Expired11/15/2017 47334
Elizabeth Ann Babin, M.D.Expired11/14/2017 31668
Loberna C. Monzon-Dinglasan, M.D.Expired11/14/2017 9452
Vladimir Ervin Sochor, M.D.Expired11/14/2017 50142
Vicki Anne Moore, M.D.Expired11/14/2017 22886
Thomas A Nabhani, M.D.Expired11/14/2017 44484
Susan Dee Scarla, M.D.Expired11/13/2017Gilbert, AZ13951
Usha Praful Bhatt, M.D.Expired11/13/2017Sparta, NJ26267
Gayle Desiree Valeros, M.D.Expired11/13/2017 45049
Ronald Marvin Lampert, M.D.Expired11/11/2017 17314
Janice Rae Littleton Smith, M.D.Expired11/10/2017 13158
Matthew Charles Kidd, M.D.Expired11/10/2017 35101
Panagiotis Fidias, M.D.Expired11/10/2017 49332
Shailesh Dhirubhai Desai, M.D.Cancelled11/09/2017 40714
Ellen Sarah Pizer, M.D.Cancelled11/09/2017 45809
Steven Robert Jacobs, M.D.Cancelled11/09/2017 13451
Gandhi Mohandas Gutta, M.D.Cancelled11/09/2017 23362
Walter Robertson Cayce, M.D.Inactive11/09/2017 15242
Alan Frederick Crosby, M.D.Inactive11/09/2017 6150
Harry Stanley Morehead, M.D.Inactive11/09/2017 32178
Paul Richard Vanatta, M.D.Inactive11/09/2017 15955
Salim Akhtar, M.D.Inactive11/09/2017 18646
Edward Jere Reineberg, M.D.Cancelled11/08/2017 10079
John Richard Wohlwend, M.D.Cancelled11/08/2017 37464
Hani Badr Greiss, M.D.Cancelled11/08/2017 44135
John Evans Dyer, M.D.Cancelled11/08/2017 14574
Miguel A. Rivera, M.D.Expired11/08/2017Sacramento, CA11660
George Walter Seuffert, M.D.Expired11/08/2017 4977
William Frederick Fathauer, M.D.Expired11/08/2017 3870
Marshall Leroy Smith, M.D.Inactive11/08/2017 9480
Robert Seeling Poston, M.D.Inactive11/08/2017 44019
C. Robert Wall, M.D.Inactive11/08/2017 19342
Mastian Giovanni Vinayak Chand, M.D.Cancelled11/07/2017 45689
Theresa Roche Sloma, M.D.Cancelled11/07/2017 43575
Delphis Coleman Richardson, M.D.Cancelled11/07/2017 21881
Evan Kransdorf, M.D.Cancelled11/07/2017 43348
Jeffrey George Lobas, M.D.Expired11/07/2017 37874
Joel Todd Block, M.D.Inactive11/07/2017 20887
Ralph Cullen Thomas, M.D.Inactive11/07/2017 25165
Kenneth James Yoder, M.D.Inactive11/07/2017 8888
Elizabeth Alison Jones, M.D.Inactive11/07/2017 33171
Michael Johan Bruwer, M.D.Inactive11/07/2017 9113
Richard Malcolm Williams, M.D.Inactive11/07/2017 26165
Bahram Varjavand, M.D.Suspended E11/07/2017 47551
Vicky Ellen Sherman, M.D.Expired11/06/2017 21558
Laura Mae Leard, M.D.Expired11/05/2017San Diego, CA32066
Aileen Raizner, M.D.Expired11/05/2017 49540
Natalia Zarzhevsky, M.D.Expired11/05/2017 46892
Cathlyn E. Stephen, M.D.Expired11/04/2017Phoenix, AZ20083
Allison Kay Davis, M.D.Expired11/04/2017 42923
Ila Rohit Patel, M.D.Expired11/04/2017 51323
Anjali Dixit, M.D.Expired11/03/2017 49834
Christopher Thomas Maloney, M.D.Deceased11/02/2017 6820
Szabolcs I. Fejer, M.D.Deceased11/02/2017 34851
Charles Thomas Spencer, M.D.Expired11/02/2017 48869
Alan Mark Abromovitz, M.D.Deceased11/01/2017 7197
Amish Atulbhai Naik, M.D.Cancelled10/31/2017 52454
Margaret Ann Wilson, M.D.Expired10/31/2017San Antonio, TX9282
Harold Eugene Cross, M.D.Inactive10/31/2017Tucson, AZ7794
Allyson Laura Alexander, M.D.Expired10/30/2017 51887
William Joseph Herrmann, M.D.Expired10/30/2017 18619
Thomas Louis Francavilla, M.D.Expired10/30/2017 49543
Lemonte Avery Wood, M.D.Suspended E10/30/2017 37777
Steven Warren Lewis, M.D.Expired10/28/2017 36646
John Charles Curtiss, M.D.Expired10/28/2017 9870
Jayne Ann Sanson-Jaraczewski, M.D.Expired10/28/2017 30834
Elliott Lee Cohen, M.D.Expired10/28/2017 42346
Stephen Karl Frankel, M.D.Expired10/28/2017 48444
Rudolf Kirschner, M.D.Expired10/28/2017 3024
Dhruv Joshi, M.D.Expired10/28/2017 52795
Jose Luz Mendez Reynoso, M.D.Deceased10/26/2017 12818
Scott Alan Van De Hoef, M.D.Expired10/26/2017 50620
Farshid Dayyani, M.D.Expired10/26/2017 46832
Galit Perahia Rosen, M.D.Expired10/26/2017 40614
Charles Frederick Albert, M.D.Expired10/26/2017 21684
Judith S Giga, M.D.Expired10/25/2017 47436
Kevin Nicholas Christensen, M.D.Expired10/24/2017 49870
Emily Caro-Bruce, M.D.Expired10/24/2017 52470
Rosalind Elaine Griffin, M.D.Expired10/23/2017 52432
Michael Keith Cohen, M.D.Expired10/23/2017 35155
Autumn Patricia Clos, M.D.Expired10/23/2017 28725
Jacob Joseph Parker, M.D.Expired10/22/2017 34126
Thomas Edmund O'Brien, M.D.Expired10/22/2017 16928
Elena Belen Garcia, M.D.Expired10/21/2017 52222
Jennifer Maria Wei Ang, M.D.Expired10/21/2017 52110
Mani Naga Sury, M.D.Expired10/21/2017 50879
James Leonard Fitzgerald, M.D.Expired10/21/2017 30329
Patricia Ann Lowry, M.D.Expired10/21/2017 42758
Josef George Hadeed, M.D.Expired10/21/2017 43957
Jeffrey Ali Khabir, M.D.Suspended E10/21/2017 42649
Bruce Allen Gardner, M.D.Expired10/20/2017 50822
M. David Ben-Asher, M.D.Expired10/19/2017Tucson, AZ3724
John Calvert McElroy, M.D.Expired10/19/2017 51450
David Landau, M.D.Suspended E10/18/2017 40941
Paul James Eastvold, M.D.Expired10/16/2017 42347
Charles Vincent Perniciaro, M.D.Expired10/16/2017 21961
Tamara Christine Kelley, M.D.Expired10/16/2017 40214
Thomas Lester Abrams, M.D.Expired10/15/2017 14100
Michael George Santomauro, M.D.Expired10/15/2017 49888
Feng Zhang, M.D.Expired10/13/2017 45015
Fredrick Michael Cramer, M.D.Expired10/13/2017 33439
Jason Adam Krupp, M.D.Expired10/11/2017 37618
Christopher Gene Larsen, M.D.Expired10/11/2017 45882
Diane Trapp Pap, M.D.Expired10/11/2017 32801
Manuel O. Seda, M.D.Deceased10/10/2017Phoenix, AZ4975
Reba Ray, M.D.Expired10/10/2017 24165
William Brian Kelly, M.D.Expired10/10/2017 27842
George Thomas Anast, M.D.Expired10/10/2017 29149
David Philip Klein, M.D.Inactive10/10/2017 15435
Allan Norwood Spreen, M.D.Inactive10/10/2017 23347
Alexander Guang-Yu Chiu, M.D.Expired10/09/2017 43563
Paul Jonathan Delporto, M.D.Expired10/09/2017 46795
Kevin Patrick Banks, M.D.Expired10/09/2017 48496
Gary Miles Waters, M.D.Expired10/09/2017Fresno, CA5871
Laurence Martin Novick, M.D.Expired10/09/2017 7230
Kevin Arthur Hall, M.D.Expired10/09/2017 21312
Leslie Jean Mortland, M.D.Expired10/08/2017 49019
Andrew Jon Cutler, M.D.Expired10/08/2017 44509
Meghan Campbell Whitehouse, M.D.Expired10/08/2017 45772
Brian John Hall, M.D.Expired10/08/2017 49995
Zhiqin Wang, M.D.Cancelled10/07/2017 37484
Sophia Kang, M.D.Expired10/07/2017 47184
Eric Darren Miller, M.D.Expired10/07/2017 50502
James Bradford Doxey, M.D.Deceased10/06/2017 31783
Gregg Wayne McAninch, M.D.Expired10/06/2017 46923
Robin Kirby, M.D.Expired10/05/2017 44085
Ryan Alex Evans, M.D.Expired10/05/2017 50663
Karl Theodore Wickstrom, M.D.Expired10/05/2017 21726
Bertrand Russell Nedoss, M.D.Expired10/05/2017 25089
Robert Boyd Livingston, M.D.Expired10/04/2017 35898
Eric Killmon Milliner, M.D.Expired10/04/2017 18459
Louis Charles Battista, M.D.Expired10/03/2017 18865
Fariba Payandeh, M.D.Expired10/03/2017 43792
Joel Martin Leibsohn, M.D.Expired10/03/2017 9352
Nishant Singh Ranawat, M.D.Expired10/02/2017 48953
Wendi Karen Trout, M.D.Expired10/02/2017 40263
Muhammad Imran Choudhry, M.D.Expired10/01/2017 41568
Carol Lynn Andrews, M.D.Expired10/01/2017 42321
Sultana Alkon, M.D.Expired10/01/2017 45507
Sierra Cristina Simmons, M.D.Expired10/01/2017 49531
Sailajah Janarthanan, M.D.Expired10/01/2017 35946
Nicholas Constantine Bambakidis, M.D.Expired10/01/2017 32224
Kalid Namah Adab, M.D.Expired09/30/2017 45766
Sohail Khan, M.D.Expired09/29/2017 47870
John Gambino, M.D.Expired09/28/2017 45419
Scott Walker Findley, M.D.Expired09/28/2017 50739
Stephen Ashley Bass, M.D.Inactive with Cause09/28/2017 41904
Edward Francis Joganic, M.D.Cancelled09/27/2017Phoenix, AZ18778
Joseph Loren Mills, M.D.Expired09/27/2017 22970
Heeran Abawi, M.D.Expired09/26/2017 46765
Jose Francisco Amato, M.D.Expired09/26/2017 9286
Keerthi N Arani, M.D.Expired09/26/2017 50124
Sandeep Sherlekar, M.D.Expired09/26/2017 51037
Elizabeth Aquino Garcia-Janis, M.D.Expired09/26/2017 49478
Abby Melissa Irwin, M.D.Expired09/25/2017 48716
Darryl Rodney Brown, M.D.Expired09/24/2017Casa Grande, AZ26184
Sanjay Narain Misra, M.D.Expired09/23/2017 45184
Sage Parrian Whitmore, M.D.Expired09/23/2017 45572
Robert Taylor Segraves, M.D.Expired09/23/2017 9279
John Mattinson Rushton, M.D.Expired09/22/2017 34737
Andrew Del Gaizo, M.D.Expired09/21/2017 43370
Ernest John Wright, M.D.Expired09/21/2017 49564
James Michael Sulkosky, M.D.Expired09/20/2017 19718
Prudencio Calica Avendanio, M.D.Expired09/20/2017 41070
Stephen Wayne Houmes, M.D.Expired09/20/2017 51919
Fatima Zahra Fidahusayn Muhammad Aly, M.D.Expired09/19/2017 46550
Mark Richard Stivers, M.D.Expired09/18/2017 32866
William Edmund Ingram, M.D.Expired09/18/2017Paradise Valley, AZ6652
Bruce Allan Miller, M.D.Expired09/18/2017 8399
Gordon Joseph Cuzner, M.D.Expired09/18/2017 17172
Muzakeer Ahmed Shaik, M.D.Expired09/17/2017 35244
Bhavna Sehgal, M.D.Expired09/16/2017 47743
John Kim, M.D.Expired09/15/2017 45046
Bryan Sang Yi, M.D.Expired09/15/2017 47209
Justin Thomas Conley, M.D.Expired09/15/2017 52770
Kleanthis George Dendrinos, M.D.Expired09/14/2017 53035
Lee Combrinck-Graham, M.D.Expired09/14/2017 29089
Daniel Martin Caruso, M.D.Deceased09/13/2017 23059
John Derek Lewis, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 44909
Alice Denise Calhoun, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 40634
Avi Ben-Ora, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 3581
George David Goldberg, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 9272
Michael Thomas Vandall, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 10443
Jeanne LaMont, M.D.Expired09/13/2017 22966
Thomas Randolph Mattison, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 44711
Tom L. Le, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 36217
Heinz Juergen Elsner, M.D.Expired09/11/2017Mesa, AZ10665
Jonathan Ostrowski, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 19380
Allan Leslie Kaminsky, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 21364
John Philip Stella, M.D.Expired09/11/2017 31771
Erik M. De Jonghe, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 31026
Mark Cameron Davis, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 34781
Erica Celina Garza, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 49065
Richard James Boxer, M.D.Expired09/10/2017 13634
Timothy Bock Icenogle, M.D.Expired09/09/2017 16192
Edward Christopher Wei-Kuang Fong, M.D.Expired09/09/2017 33120
Thomas Kevin Stempel, M.D.Inactive09/08/2017 29183
David Lee Grossman, M.D.Expired09/07/2017 24320
N. Burton Attico, M.D.Expired09/07/2017 5087
Cedric Bernard Simpson, M.D.Expired09/06/2017 21971
Oluwagbemiga Adeyanju Adeyemi, M.D.Expired09/06/2017 41906
Timothy Alan Lind, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 7123
Gregory John Balmforth, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 33723
Anthony Peter Catinella, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 40688
Nadeem Aslam, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 28379
Jodi Lynn Bailey, M.D.Cancelled09/05/2017 37319
Naoyuki Gregory Saito, M.D.Expired09/05/2017 43814
James Arden Knott, M.D.Expired09/05/2017 40322
David Mathew Loesch, M.D.Expired09/05/2017 41865
Philippe Yves Pierre Marie Reyns, M.D.Inactive09/05/2017 10690
Robert Wayne Patti, M.D.Expired09/04/2017Las Vegas, NV16649
John Rigby Patterson, M.D.Expired09/04/2017 13977
Robert Lloyd Fortune, M.D.Expired09/04/2017 13540
Carrie Frances Ash-Mott, M.D.Expired09/03/2017 43426
David Alan Deriemer, M.D.Expired09/02/2017 26161
Marshall A. Burns, M.D.Expired09/02/2017Scottsdale, AZ34343
Ashish Bhavesh Shah, M.D.Expired08/31/2017 40883
Carl Wayne Hardin, M.D.Expired08/31/2017 42679
Joseph Cal Liljenquist, M.D.Expired08/30/2017 50758
Alicia Marie Palmer, M.D.Expired08/29/2017 50310
Steven Edward Kammann, M.D.Expired08/28/2017 49070
Manh Van Pham, M.D.Expired08/28/2017 46693
Franklin Sedarat, M.D.Expired08/27/2017 48383
Horatio Cabasares, M.D.Expired08/27/2017 10910
Debora Mary Kim, M.D.Expired08/27/2017 22554
Vickie Khoshsorour Rezai, M.D.Expired08/26/2017Chicago, IL31772
Lizhu Gao, M.D.Expired08/26/2017 42403
John Raymond Condie, M.D.Expired08/26/2017 44762
Ronald Allen Krueger, M.D.Expired08/26/2017 48127

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